The music video is a means of promotion, a marketing tool, but it is above all the aesthetic vision of an artist. More than just a video, the music video is done with an interpreter. It is thought in agreement with the identity of the artist to best convey his message.
The music video combines artistic sensitivity and commercial image.
My commitment to creating a musical project is to consider it as an artistic creation. A reflection is conducted with the artist, such a project should not have a purely aesthetic sense.

I am here to advise you to accompany you during the process of creating your project.
Ensure consistency between images and your sound.
We study your world to understand your approach. Each music video is an artistic reflection in its own right.
Writing the script and the storyboard is an important step.
Production has an important place in your project: I take care of makeup, set elements, costumes and manages the schedule to give free rein to your creativity
I work with high end hardware to ensure the best image quality. I collaborate with different music groups and know the financial difficulties that may exist: adapting to your budget is one of our commitments.