Graduated from BARCELONA art school, I have ten years of experience in the field of photography. In 2017 I wanted to give a new boost to my professional career. For this purpose, I trained as a Head Operator and steadicam cameraman.

First of all assistant, I climbed step by step and acquired significant experience, which led me to get more responsibilities in the direction of photography. Having a good reputation in the community, I always strove to improve myself by following the technological developments and training.

I focus on narrative work. I shot narrative shorts.
I am interested in the light, the obscure light, as well as the power of the colors, which can advance a story and influence the spectator’s experience. This juxtaposition of light and intense use of color testifies to my interest in dark, serious and mysterious stories – dramatic genres, thrillers, sci-fi and horror.

The steadicam revolutionized the cinematographic language by stabilizing the image while freeing the movement of the camera.

Hoping to meet you soon