The production of the cicada is proud to present Yugen Blakrok in concert at Cabaret Aleatoire during the Hip-Hop Society festival. A magnificent achievement by Penny Green-Shard


Experience the Mysterium Tour… ✹🌖☄The aftermovie of Yugen Blakrok's live performance for Hip Hop Society (@Cabaret Aleatoire) is out !This tour has been really amazing so far. Heartful thanks to all the people who came over, whether randomly or on purpose, and shared a good energy at every shows.This one in Marseille was particularly intense and we're happy to finally share it with you all !Special thanks to Cicada Production for making this project possible and Penny Green-Shard / VidĂ©o for the amazing work you put in this film. Many thanks to Comparses Et Sons for this dope event ! Big up Label42 for the sound, Nat for the VJing and the danser ChloĂ© Hennemann who joined Yugen on stage ! We're looking forward to meet you on the next stops of this tour and we already start preparing now to make the experience even more intense for 2020 !"Let the rhythm bring Peace !" đŸ™â™„

Publiée par I.O.T Records sur Mercredi 26 juin 2019